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TrainVirtually is an advanced learning platform that is a seamless communication tool between trainers and students. Whether it is a company offering HR or compliance training for its employees, or an individual trainer offering sales or skills training to students, our TrainVirtually platform can be used to distribute information effectively and seamlessly with a “wherever, whenever, whatever” approach. Courses can be broken down into sections, each with individual quiz sets to ensure the students are learning and retaining the information, as required.

Our company has been instrumental in developing a wide variety of software platforms for enhancing and aiding the learning and training process. Our deep expertise in digital learning and software development has helped us understand the needs of trainers and students and create solutions that bridge the information and knowledge gap and make learning fast and fun.



Companies or individual trainers can use TrainVirtually to offer training in a wide range of topics to employees or students.

  • Create your own courses
  • Create chapters within a course
  • Upload videos, images or documents for each chapter
  • Create quizzes
  • Upload course completion certificates

Employees or individual students will find TrainVirtually extremely easy to use. After registration, they will have access to all the relevant course material that will make learning fun and easy.

  • Dashboard displays enrolled courses, as well as available courses
  • Quick view of scores and past performance
  • Enroll for additional courses


Course Setup

Add detailed Course information, chapters, videos and documents.


Create Quizzes, assign grades to make it fully automated.

Private Courses

Make courses private or public to control access.

Track Scores

Trainers and students can track progress and scores real-time.

Admin Login

Manage users and accounts.

Pay Online

Students can pay for the courses online.


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